Life at Deloitte

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Our Culture

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Yet – as is our way – we’re always striving to be even better. We’re working hard to develop and refine the experience of working here. At the centre of that lies what we believe is a distinctive culture and way of working. We sum it up in the following way:

We're fascinated by the new, the better and the unexpected

Innovation is everywhere in Deloitte. We regularly collaborate with our clients and our colleagues on projects, technologies and ideas that have never been explored before, to find greater ways to impact the world around us. Yet it’s not just in the big developments, or the earth-shattering ideas, or the unusual pieces of thinking that we find ways to improve. We’ve established a dedicated programme geared towards fostering innovation in even the smallest ways. It’s all about encouraging people to think differently, through events such as iCafes and iWeeks, our online iSpace and the physical space of our iZone.

Our purpose as a firm is to have impact

It’s not enough to have great ideas. As a firm, we are in a privileged position: we are trusted and consulted by major players in global business, and we’re home to some truly inspiring people. So we want to see incredible results from the work we do together: results that have a noticeable impact not just on our clients and the industries they’re in – but also the people who took on the project, and society as a whole.

We're business experts as well as technical specialists

For us, professional services goes way beyond just the services we offer. We’re here to understand our clients’ challenges and opportunities better than anyone else. More than that: we’re here to offer leadership. As a firm, we want to provide leadership for our clients and their industries – and society in general. We also aim to work with leading figures in every discipline, and to help our people develop the expertise, network and profile to become leaders themselves. 

Each and every one of us is part of a team

No matter which part of Deloitte you join, you’re always part of something bigger. Throughout the firm, you’ll find that teams, divisions and even entire service areas have fostered a close working atmosphere where everyone’s encouraged to contribute.

We draw strength from diversity

For our business to succeed, we need our people to develop and flourish. Most importantly, we want them to remain true to themselves. That’s why we strive to understand and appreciate the many and varied differences between our people. It’s also why we’ve put a number of policies into place that protect and promote diversity, and have created a wide range of Deloitte Networks, designed to champion and grow awareness of people’s different needs and characteristics.