Life at Deloitte

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Respect, Inclusion and Diversity



Is there such a thing as a Deloitte type of person? Yes and no. There’s certainly no typical background that our people come from. Our team includes people from every imaginable academic discipline and every walk of life. 

In fact the diversity of Deloitte people is one of our major strengths as a business. But what unites everyone is a commitment to the very highest standards in everything we do – from the integrity we display in handling client information, to the way we always aim to deliver beyond expectations. That, we believe, is what truly defines a Deloitte professional.

Diversity at Deloitte focuses on mentoring, coaching, networking and building client relationships. We make this happen through our diversity networks. They play a key
role in the life of the firm, connecting people with similar interests and making sure that different groups are fully represented in our decision-making process.

What does diversity mean at Deloitte?

We are determined to build an organisation that reflects the society around us and the world in which our clients operate. We’re also aware that when it comes to top talent, demand far exceeds supply.

And nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to bringing the best talent into our organisation.

That’s why we're pushing hard to become a place where the most talented people can do their best work, progress quickly and fulfil their potential – irrespective of their backgrounds.

Diversity is, therefore, a key part of our talent and recruitment strategy.

So how do we approach diversity?

For our business to succeed, we need our people to develop and flourish – while remaining true to themselves. That’s why we strive to understand - and appreciate - the many and varied differences between our people.

It’s why we actively promote a policy and practice of equality of opportunity in employment for all our people - regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith or physical ability.

And it’s why we’re developing a culture where all the capabilities of all our people are fully harnessed and developed – for the benefit of our clients, our business and our colleagues.

Respect, Inclusion and Diversity: Our equal opportunities policy

We are an equal opportunities employer.

This means we're committed to ensuring all our partners, employees, contractors and job applicants receive fair and equitable treatment across all aspects of our firm's HR policies and practices - including recruitment, selection, terms and conditions of employment, appraisal, promotion, remuneration, training and personal development.

The policy must apply, regardless of our peoples' sex, gender reassignment, marital status, part-time status, sexual orientation, colour, race, nationality, national or ethnic origin, religion or creed, disability, responsibility for dependents, age and membership or non-membership of a trade union or political affiliation.

The head of HR has overall responsibility for applying this policy across our firm.

You should understand that any breach, or alleged breach, of our policy will be taken seriously, investigated fully - and that anyone found to be in breach of this policy could be subject to disciplinary action.

We need all our partners, employees and contractors to act in accordance with this policy and to promote the spirit of it to the full. The policy forms the basis of our approach to Respect, Inclusion & Diversity.

So how does our approach actually translate into reality?

We have Deloitte Networks, a wide range of groups designed to champion and grow awareness of our peoples’ different needs and characteristics. These groups include:

  • Faith-based networks
  • GLOBE – LGBT, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender employees
  • Workability – for people who experience a physical or mental impairment
  • Our working parents’ and carers’ group
  • Our women’s network
  • Multicultural - black, minority ethnic and culturally-diverse community

Meanwhile, to allow for less obvious differences between people, like lifestyle needs, we’re looking at ways to help our people balance and integrate their commitments inside and outside of work.

We’re also advancing our diversity agenda by creating greater awareness of diversity issues through the firm-wide deployment of specialist training.

At the same time, we’ve made diversity management an integral part of our business’s reward and promotion process – with progress against key performance indicators reported regularly to our Leadership Team.