Life at Deloitte

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A Signature New-hire Experience

Your learning begins before you walk in the door. On-boarding starts with a journey through our innovative Pre-Hire Center and continues with robust mentoring and skill-building experiences during your orientation—all designed to set you up for success.
“This was the most innovative orientation I’ve ever experienced.” — Experienced new hire
When new hires accept an offer to join the Deloitte U.S. Firms, they are given access to an interactive Pre-Hire Center website that takes the pain out of administrative paperwork.  New hires are assigned an onboarding advisor–-a peer-level professional in the same service line--who makes contact with them before they join.  This important relationship continues into new hires’ first year and beyond. This advisor helps them build their networks and navigate their new role, and also offers an outlet for practical advice and informal learning.
The centerpiece of the signature new-hire experience is our innovative Day-1 and -2 “Welcome to Deloitte” orientation. It is organized as an interactive session--without a single PowerPoint slide! Learning occurs through gaming, videos, and case studies in a social-learning environment that simulates on-the-job challenges and includes personalized coaching from client service and talent leaders.  For example, new hires learn about our organization not through a lecture, but by participating in an interactive board game—a “discovery map”--where they explore our organization with supporting videos starring real Deloitte professionals throughout the game.  New hires experience what it’s like to work at our organization on Day 1 through the use of real client examples. They personalize their online profile on our internal talent networking site during orientation so they can begin building their network. New hires are also introduced to an interactive New-Hire Center website which connects them to valuable onboarding resources and helps them navigate initial learning opportunities.