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Business Analyst Program Overview

Total immersion in action-based, strategy-related services

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A first-year business analyst, Susie talks about Deloitte University, the training she's received, and how she’s now training and mentoring new hires herself. "The things I want from this career," says Susie, "are the things Deloitte wants me to get from this career." 


About the Business Analyst Program

If you're thinking of pursuing a career in management consulting, then joining our Business Analyst (BA) Program could be a smart move. The Program provides the opportunity to sharpen your analytical and business skills while working as a part of a team committed to helping develop executable strategies for clients around the globe.


The BA Program gives you the ability to discover your professional passions through a variety of project experiences.  As a BA, you can have the opportunity to help market-leading client organizations tackle their complex business problems and drive tangible results.  You will gain exposure to a diverse set of industries, clients, and project roles. In addition, you can contribute to the further advancement of the firm by assisting in the development of project proposals, presentations, and industry publications.


At Deloitte, you’ll have the opportunity to work with extraordinary and diverse practitioners who are committed to rich professional  and personal lives.   You will shape your leadership style and develop your core consulting skills by interacting with Deloitte and client leadership, as well as peer leaders. The relationships you establish with your clients and team members on your projects and in your home office can stay with you throughout your career.


Through your variety of experiences at Deloitte, you can develop  the analytical, communication, and leadership skills  that will help you achieve your full potential, no matter what career path you eventually choose.  You will be continually challenged by your clients, your team members, and your peers, helping you to develop at a faster rate than your peers in other industries.  Along the way, you will have access to mentoring, counseling, and training opportunities to help foster and accelerate your development of new skills and capabilities.

Graduate School Assistance Program

Business Analysts who succeed in the Program are promoted to Consultant and often attend a top business school. We support you through the business school application process by offering preparation resources, activities and events planned by our Graduate School Preparation Council. Additionally, our Business Analysts have the opportunity to apply for the Graduate School Assistance Program, which provides tuition reimbursement for top performing Consultants who return to the organization.

Voted “The Best Place to Launch Your Career”

The opportunities that Deloitte and the BA Program provide to you right after school are a big part of  why Deloitte was No. 1 on BusinessWeek’s “Best Place to Launch a Career” list in 2009—the last year the survey was conducted.


Our former Business Analysts say it best:


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