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Audit and Enterprise Risk Services

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In his first year, Andre talks about a journey to success that’s included hip-hop music, a stint in the Navy, and now being an auditor at Deloitte.  “Deloitte knows that if they prepare you, you can go in and be successful,” says Andre.

About Audit and Enterprise Risk Services

Critical thinkers. Intelligent. Ambitious. Proactive leaders. Individuals with the passion to excel and an uncompromising commitment to their clients. These are the characteristics we seek in professionals at Deloitte & Touche LLP Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS).

Deloitte's Audit & Enterprise Risk Services help organizations build value by taking a Risk Intelligent approach to managing financial, technology and business risks. This approach helps our clients focus on their areas of increased risk, bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries, and seek not only risk mitigation, but also pursue intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.

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