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FAQ: Consulting


What do Deloitte consultants really do?  

We are a consulting organization with deep client relationships and a broad services footprint, and we have access to global resources of the member firms of DTT in nearly 150 countries. Your responsibilities as a professional of Deloitte Consulting will vary, depending on which of our five Service Areas you join.

  • In Strategy & Operations, you'll work with senior management to help make major decisions and implement improvements that dramatically increase the performance of our clients' business by focusing on executable strategy and by integrating industry and functional knowledge in corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, customer relationships, technology, financial management, supply chain, and operations.
  • In Human Capital (Advanced degree or Undergraduate degree), you'll help clients with human resources transformation, actuarial and insurance solutions, and organizational change, including talent management, leadership development, learning and development, knowledge management and more.
  • Our Technology practice helps solve business problems that revolve around a client's overall IT strategy, organization, and infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Applications professionals improve their clients' business performance by working with senior executives to transform back office and customer-facing processes. The Enterprise Application Service Area advises clients using a combination of deep process knowledge, available software packages (such as SAP, Oracle, and Customer Relationship Management packages), and deep industry expertise.
  • In Application Management Services, we help clients worldwide develop outsourcing strategies. Our services include applications management services, business process management services, and outsourcing advisory services.



What's it like to work on a Deloitte Consulting team? What are the people like?  

Our people and our culture are unique. We've been described as collegial, collaborative, team-oriented, down-to-earth, pragmatic, smart, confident, experienced, and focused on results. People who like working here enjoy working on several types of projects at once, traveling, and becoming subject matter specialists. All share a vision of helping our clients in their efforts to address incredibly tough business problems, while providing unparalleled service and uncompromising commitment to the client.

Projects can be regionally, nationally, or globally focused and involve close interaction with senior client management. While Deloitte Consulting as a whole is big, when it's broken down into your region, your office, and your client, suddenly, you're talking about 10 people on a team. Your team will be composed of people who understand business issues from multiple perspectives.

Our consultants come from top schools and boutiques, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large professional services organizations. Meet some of those people now.



What's the career path at Deloitte Consulting?  

Four career models allow you to personalize a rewarding career so that you can concentrate on your areas of interest and expertise, while meeting the various needs of our clients. As a Deloitte Consulting practitioner, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

The primary track within Deloitte Consulting is Partner/Principal/Director (P/P/D), which combines broad client service with strong business and relationship management expertise. The P/P/D career model is the historic foundation of our practice. In the more junior levels of this model, you will focus primarily on mastering client service delivery competencies. As your skills grow, your role will expand to include management and leadership competencies such as: practice operations, sales, innovation, eminence building and people development. In this model, you will progress from one level to another as you gain competence at key milestones that are determined by you and your counselor during regular career planning discussions.

Deloitte Consulting maintains its industry-leader status by actively cultivating and educating our already-talented employees. Learn more about our commitment to learning and development and the formal and informal training programs we offer at every level of your career.



What do you look for in a Deloitte Consulting candidate?  

For all Deloitte Consulting candidates, we seek superior analytical and problem-solving skills, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, leadership and team-building abilities, creativity, high energy, commitment to personal and professional growth, and respect for diversity.

MBA and advanced degree positions: 

  • Strategy & Operations Senior Consultant: Few initial career opportunities for MBA graduates provide the combination of accelerated learning and skill development, personal growth and challenge, and fast pace that are provided by the Senior Consultant position in the Strategy & Operations practice. In this position, you will be able to apply your recent capabilities and talent toward both solving complex business issues and seeing your solutions through to implementation. 
  • Human Capital Consultant or Senior Consultant: Our Human Capital practice is seeking broad-based business consultants who specialize in integrating people issues with business strategy. If you are currently pursuing an MBA or Masters degree in related fields of study and have a passion for tackling complex, far reaching organizational issues, joining our Human Capital practice as a Consultant or Senior Consultant will give you a challenging environment in which to apply and grow your skills.
  • Consultant with MPA/MPP degree(s): Deloitte Consulting provides professional services to diverse public sector areas such as health and human service, tax and revenue, child support and enforcement, law and justice, budgeting, revenue collection, public housing, school districts, public employee retirement systems, mass transit, airports, regulators, and criminal justice. If you have a passion for tackling complex, far-reaching, policy implementation issues and are graduating from a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) or Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program, joining Deloitte Consulting as a Consultant may be a lasting career move. 
  • Technology Integration Consultant or Senior Consultant: If you have an interest in management and IT consulting, if you are excited about understanding critical business problems that require enabling technology as part of their solution or contributing to a team that is helping to define a company's strategic IT direction, and are currently enrolled in a Masters program with up to two years of work experience in systems integration, technology consulting and/or technology design joining our Technology Integration practice as a Consultant or Senior Consultant could lead to an exciting career for you.

Undergraduate positions:

  • Business Analyst: Our Business Analyst Program seeks the best and brightest undergraduates from a variety of academic backgrounds at selected colleges and universities. Candidates should have a strong GPA and the intent to pursue an MBA at a top school. As a Business Analyst, you will have the opportunity to work across a wide range of projects and industries to help tackle complex business problems facing leading companies today. 
  • Business Technology Analyst: If you want to help define a company's strategic IT direction or understand critical business problems that require enabling technology as part of their solution, becoming a Business Technology Analyst may excite you. Business Technology Analysts in Enterprise Applications and Technology Integration will have attended a top ranked undergraduate program. A strong GPA, with technology and business coursework, is required.
  • Human Capital Analyst Program: is looking for candidates with a strong academic performance in a variety of undergraduate programs. If you have solid quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills and have an have demonstrated leadership and team-building abilities, our multi-faceted Human Capital Analyst program could be for you.


What kind of work flexibility will I have?  

Our consultants lead busy lives. But, with the help of the Deloitte U.S. Firms' career/life balance and flexibility programs, they wouldn't have it any other way. These programs have earned us recognition as one of the best places to work, and help our people effectively manage their personal lives, while finding fulfillment in their careers.



How much will I travel?  

A position with Deloitte Consulting will require you to frequently be on site at your client's office, so there is considerable travel required. Although travel arrangements depend on client project requirements, we strive to implement work flexibility whenever possible.